Leather Gloves Factory

Founding and Location

The Leathers Gloves Factory was founded in 2013, situated in Sialkot, a city globally renowned for its expertise in sports goods.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Highlight the company’s pride in eco-friendly manufacturing processes conducted in Pakistan, emphasizing a commitment to sustainability.

Partnership Focus

Our focus extends to catering to both suppliers and retailers, forming valuable partnerships.

Premium Quality Goods

Our commitment of crafting premium quality leather and various material goods.

Customized Printing

Personalized touch offered through customized printing options, allowing customers to add a unique dimension to their gear.


Muhammad Shaheer

(CEO & Export Manager)

Meet Muhammad Shaheer, the Manager and CEO of Leather Product Factory. With years of experience in marketing and exporting, he leads our team with expertise and dedication. Muhammad Shaheer brings a unique perspective to our business. His passion for quality and commitment to excellence define our approach at Leather Product Factory.

Muhammad Hanan 

(Content Writer)

Meet Muhammad Hanan, our talented content writer. Hanan plays a vital role in communicating our brand’s message. His dedication to clear and compelling writing ensures that our audience receives information that is both informative and enjoyable. As our content writer, Hanan contributes to making our platform accessible and user-friendly.

Abdul Nafay

(Graphic Designer)

Meet Abdul Nafay, our skilled graphic designer. With expertise in creating engaging visuals, he adds a creative touch to our projects. Nafay’s passion for design is reflected in his ability to transform ideas into visually appealing graphics. Whether it’s crafting eye-catching images or ensuring a cohesive visual identity, Abdul’s work enhances the overall aesthetic of our brand.

Farzan Ali

Quality Assurance Manager

Meet Farzan Ali, our dedicated Quality Assurance Manager. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to upholding the highest standards, Farzan plays a crucial role in ensuring that every product leaving our factory meets stringent quality benchmarks. His expertise in quality control and inspection is a driving force behind our commitment to delivering products that exceed expectations.

Shahzad Iqbal

Production Supervisor

Meet Shahzad Iqbal, our accomplished Production Supervisor. Shahzad oversees and coordinates the activities of our production team, ensuring that our manufacturing processes run smoothly and efficiently. With a wealth of experience in managing production workflows, Shahzad plays a pivotal role in meeting production goals and maintaining a high level of output.

Certified By

Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
The Lahore Chamber of commerce and Industry Lahore
Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (1)

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