Social Policy of Leather Gloves Factory

Our organization pledges to provide every facility, entitled socially, and ethically to its customers and employees. The Salient Features of the Company’s Social Policy are appended below:-

Child Labor is strictly prohibited in Our Company. Workers under the age of 18 years are not considered for employment.

Over Time: Company strongly rejects the concept of forced, bonded or involuntary labor. As such the management does not force anyone to accept Company’s employment or to work extra time.


 The company ensures the implementation of the Minimum Wages Ordinance in all its functional units/ departments and makes payment to its workers as per legally applicable wage rate.

Labor Rights:

The Company acknowledges the right of workers to join or form a union of their own choice or to opt for collective bargaining.

Working Environment:

The Company provides a safe and clean working environment to its workers and protects workers from potential hazards or chances of accidents/ injuries. It is also incumbent on the Company Management to educate its workers against potential risks and provide guidance for appropriate preventive measures taking into account the prevailing conditions of the industry and various identified hazards to ensure a risk-free environment for its workers and customers.

Competence Matters:

It is ensured that the conditions of employment and criteria for wages, promotions, training, and retirement are based on an individual’s competence, and not a country of
origin, religion/ belief, gender, race, sexual orientation, no sexual harassment, cadre and disablement, union or political affiliation, or age Harassment and/ or discrimination in any form or manner. 


Legal Respolsibilities

All workers are hired based on documented contracts according to the law. The Company disburses salary and wages, legally mandated
allowances and benefits without any discrimination and illegal deductions.

Working Hours

It is ensured that the working hours comply with the applicable Local Laws and that the workers do not work more than 48 hours in one week of 6 working days. However, in extreme emergencies, a worker may be required to work extra time subject to a maximum of one and a half hours per day and 9 hours per week voluntarily and is compensated in line with procedures mandated in the applicable local Laws.

Environmental Protection

Protection of the environment is of fundamental importance to our company. We are committed to complying with local laws, SEQS, and other environmental regulations and strive to secure fundamental reforms that will improve environmental effectiveness. Our Company does not tolerate any acts of corruption, extortion, embezzlement, or
The company would communicate its policies to all stakeholders for sustainable growth, continual improvement, and monitoring social performance.
The Social Policy is pervasive in all functional units of the Company. The Management is always committed to ensure its implementation at all levels resolutely without any discrimination of favoritism through effective vigilance and a system of checks and control.


Muhammad Shaheer

Chief Operating Office

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