Boxing Gloves Manufacturer in Sialkot

Sialkot our city in Pakistan is a rich city to manufacture leather products and supply them all over the world, with a rich history of manufacturing sports items that has emerged as a major player in the global boxing glove manufacturing industry. We are top notch boxing gloves manufacturer in Sialkot

Boxing is a sport that has been trained and renowned for centuries, with its origins in ancient civilization. Boxing glove manufacturers in Sialkot have the equipment used by boxers. One of the most vital pieces of gear for any boxer is the boxing glove, intended to provide protection for the hands and improve performance throughout preparation and competition.

Boxing gloves have been an extended technique since their elementary beginnings. In the earliest times, fighters would bind their hands with bands of leather or cloth, proposing negligible defense. The purpose was not so much to guard the adversary but rather to stop the boxer’s hands from being injured during battle.

Boxing Gloves Maker in Pakistan

Pakistan has established itself as a center for the production of sporting goods, and we, as a leading boxing gloves manufacturer in Sialkot, fulfill the promise of providing the best quality products to businesses and end users through them. We have a manufacturing history and skilled workforce, which contributed to the development of the boxing glove industry. We as a leading boxing gloves manufacturer in Sialkot gives warranty of quality that we produces. 

In the perfect world where you have competitors to fight with, we are the best wholesale boxing glove supplier in the United States. You need protection for your body to be safe from any kind of injury, and our products are the best suitable equipment’s that not only protect you in the battle but also give you the comfort of wearing it during the battle.

We have a large pool of skilled laborers with experience in handcrafting products. This staff is compatible with the exact and labor-intensive procedure of creating boxing gloves. Sport can be overwhelming, and knowing exactly what you need for your customers will help you achieve them. The exact muscle strength and proper equipment will give you the maximum benefits without putting strain on the joints.

We have defined categories for boxing gear, so let’s discuss what we offer our retailers and wholesalers. Boxers use different types of boxing gloves that are used for different training purposes and understand which type of gear they need.

Types of Boxing Gloves made by Leather Gloves Factory

We are the boxing glove makers in Pakistan, so here are the different types that we as a boxing gloves manufacturer in Sialkot provides:

Training Gloves

These gloves have a tendency to be really defensive and have excellent shock-absorbing padding that protects you and your partner from heavy punching. They are excellent wrist support providers because hands are pivotal for hand injuries, so we consider this and manufacture the equipment that fulfills the need.

Heavy Bag Gloves

These bags of gloves are manufactured to protect the individual hands when they do a workout with dense padding and absorbing quality. Different designs and colors are available. We are the boxing gear supplier in the United States, and quality matters to us while manufacturing the items.

Sparring Gloves

In these kinds of gloves, there are 14 oz., 16 oz., and 18 oz. sizes available that protect your partner from injuries. These gloves have soft padding and do not have thick leather to avoid cuts. These gloves have good thumb positions, so you don’t stab your challenger’s eyes.

Amateur Competitive Gloves

These gloves are 10 oz and 12 oz in sizes and bigger in sizes and have foam to reduce injuries. They have different models, or you can add stickers, stamps, and steals at the wrist compartment that show that the glove is certified by our organization, or you can add up your own business stamp as well.

Kickboxing Gloves

These gloves are ample minor and padded inversely than boxing gloves for increasing suppleness to relax. Moreover, it has a smaller wrist section to allow your hand and wrist to have more liberty to do kickboxing practices, and kickboxing gloves must let you open your hand easily to seal, fasten kicks, etc.

MMA Gloves

We are the boxing glove makers in Pakistan, and these kinds of gloves have soft padding that does not steady your hands so that you can effortlessly contend and seal. They are small, and the sizes are contingent on the range, like 4 oz to 10 oz. They have straps that stop the wrist from twisting around, making those more protected for the user.


Custom Boxing Gloves Suppliers in United States

If your customers are professional fighters and you want to be renowned through your equipment’s protection during the fight, you have landed in the right place. As a manufacturer, we provide the best-quality custom boxing gloves to suppliers in the United States. Shop premium boxing gear and gloves that let your users be confident and fight with more passion and concentration. Because we don’t manufacture but supply the best boxing gloves according to your customization needs in color, size, style, comfort, or hardness, everything is decided by you, or we just make it accordingly.

We ensure your success by providing you with the equipment that will be according to your requirements. You can provide the material to us or a sample to us, and we will make it accordingly. On the other hand, we can provide you with the material and prepare a sample for you. If you consider it, we will further process it according to the requirements. As a custom boxing glove manufacturer in Pakistan, we always prioritize our retailers and wholesalers so that they can fill the market gap by providing the products according to what their target audience needs.

                                                           How To Find Your Gloves Size?

Fighter Weight (In Pounds)

Fighter Weight (In Kilograms

Glove Weight (In Ounces)

80-100 LBS

37-46 KG

08 OZ

100-120 LBS

46-55 KG

10 OZ

120-140 LBS

55-64 KG

12 OZ

140- 160 LBS

64-73 KG

14 OZ

160-180 LBS


          16 OZ

180-200 LBS

82-91 KG

18 OZ

200 LBS <

>91 KG

20 OZ

Custom Boxing Gloves Manufacturer in Pakistan

  1. Export Potential: We, as manufacturers, have the occasion to enlarge our market reach by partnering with boxing gear suppliers in the United States with a strong demand for sporting goods.
  2. Customization: Contribution customization choices for gloves, for example, modified designs and colors, can be a profitable niche market.
  3. Brand Building: Building strong brands documented for excellence and revolution can accelerate new chances in the global market.
  4. Sustainability: With the growing stress on maintainable manufacturing, as Pakistani manufacturers, we discover sustainable resources and carry them out to meet the demands of globally sensible customers.

Our boxing gloves have evolved into a highly durable and comfortable piece of custom boxing gloves manufactured in Pakistan, which is the technological advantage that sets us apart from all other brands of boxing sports. The Leather Gloves Factory is the foremost manufacturer and supplier of struggle sporting equipment.

Its fold-free board is the tech-edge that sets us apart from all other brands obtainable in trustworthy leather for professional fights, exercise, and infighting. Our partner distributors, retailers, clubs, and gyms relish our suitably located warehouses in the United States by guaranteeing the wildest distribution times and improved facilities to their clienteles in the US and around the globe.

Boxing gloves manufacturer in Sialkot have the right to use our trade products for wholesalers and resellers, based on our low minimum order quantities, factory prices, FOB choices, and traditional choices for modified products.

After you have tailored the boxing gloves of your choice, those gloves are censored into form before being sewed by hand to fit the end user. We smear and surface your selected print on the upper or lower portion of the glove. Demand wholesale pricing on bulk orders and one of our account managers will contact you.

Quality Ethics of Leather Gloves Factory

To contend in the global market, custom boxing glove suppliers’ in the United States, we manufacturers follow numerous quality values. These criteria guarantee that the gloves are innocuous for use and meet the prospects of sportspersons and controlling bodies. Some of the conspicuous standards include:

The devotion to the standards not only confirms product excellence but also improves the standing of Pakistani boxing gloves in the global market. Upholding reliable excellence is a test for some manufacturers, and ensuring that every glove meets international standards is vital to building a positive reputation. Variations in the prices of supplies like leather and mock fabrics can influence manufacturing costs.

When the gloves pass quality control, boxing gear suppliers in the United States patent them with the manufacturer’s logo and pack them for shipping. The wrapping is designed to protect the gloves during shipment. First-class resources are vital for manufacturing boxing gloves. Leather, artificial materials, foam padding, and inner coatings are designated based on the glove’s intended use and quality level.

Wholesale boxing glove supplier in United States - Global Market Suppliers

We, as the wholesale boxing glove supplier in the United States, consider the global market for boxing gloves ambitious given the acceptance of boxing as a sport, fitness movement, and professional competition. Numerous influences contribute to the cumulative demand for boxing gloves.

  1. Rising Fitness Trends: As a manufacturer and dealing with different businesses, we have seen that the fitness and wellness industry has experienced important growth, with boxing becoming a popular choice for those looking for great strength workouts. Consequently, there is a rising demand for boxing gloves in the fitness segment.
  2. Competitive Boxing: Professional boxing events and rivalries endure to entice a large audience’s worldwide, dynamic need for high-quality boxing gloves for participants. So we target those industries as well that want the best-quality boxing gloves manufactured in Sialkot.
  3. Online Retail: The propagation of e-commerce has made complete boxing gloves more available to a global audience, increasing demand. So we provide the supplies to the retailers and wholesalers through online platforms so that they can fulfill their customers’ needs on demand.

As leather glove manufacturers, we have achieved a significant share of the global boxing glove market by offering lucrative yet first-class products. We export boxing gloves all over the United States, so our online suppliers and retailers can get the benefit of custom and ready-to-deliver products according to their needs.

Best Boxing Glove Manufacturer and Supplies by Leather Gloves Factory

We are the best wholesale boxing glove supplier in the United States, and the equipment is shaped and intended by us here at the Leathergloves factory. We make these from the premium designated provisions and with the latest boxing glove machinery and structures.

With each production, we feel we have shaped not only the most contented boxing gloves continually, but also one of the safest, not only for a boxer’s hands but also for his or her infighting partner. The Great Specialist Gel 2 inner fluffs and gel coating are at the core of this boxing glove’s ease and protection.

We currently have a method to make boxing gloves manufactured in Sialkot, which takes a significantly safest method to craft them on your demand and on our created samples. You can get the printed stamp of your brand with a diverse range of products, quality, and sustainability. We are a trusted brand all over Pakistan and in the United States as a supplier and manufacturer.


The manufacturing of boxing gloves by the leather glove factory has changed from an outdated craft to a flourishing industry. The blend of skilled labor, the right to use quality materials, and a promise to make first-class products has allowed us as manufacturers to surpass this modest market. Contact us today, as we are the most reliable and trusted custom boxing gloves manufacturer in Pakistan, to broaden your modified boxing gloves by means of our exclusive web-based design tools.

At the Leather Gloves factory, we struggle to deliver our customers with exceptional boxing equipment. If you’re considering exclusive, customized boxing gloves, order from us! Our super-fast delivery procedure aims to deliver your bespoke boxing gloves to you as rapidly as possible. For more information, check out our collaboration and delivery page.



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